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[Inspiration] Neon-Spiration for your Home

Gone are the days where bars and shop houses monopolise the use of neon signs. Why should they be the only ones that get the thrill of having these brightly neon glows light of their premises? We think that neons are just as amazing in the home - if not more amazing! Here are a few neon-spirations (we're making this a word) for those that want to jazz up their living spaces and home.

1. Entrance Hall

First impressions count - so let your guests feel welcome or know who you guys are by adding statement neon pieces which draws in your guests the moment they step into your home.

2. Living Room

This is the communal area where families and guests gather and hang out - so be sure to make the space as inviting and as positive as possible. Let people know who your family is and what you guys are about by getting a quote made in neon for the wall or to put on the shelfs like those motivational posters. Or get some neon art as display or home decor to be placed around the home.

3. Kitchen and Dining Room Space

Love that interior decor you saw at the fancy restaurant downtown? You can have that too simply by adding neon! A great idea is to keep the walls simple and just have the neon signs and then dress up the dining table maybe with a few vases filled with flowers or fruit baskets. The latest DIY project here at the Confetti Dreams hub is turning into a boring wall space into a Coffee/Tea bar. We'll be getting a high bar top, a few simple rustic looking planks of wood for shelfs, random bits of decor (vases with rustic wild flowers), two coffee machines (yes because we like our coffee), lined shelves with tea canisters, and a neon sign for lighting and a pop of colour! Once it's done we'll def show you guys via our next blog!

4. The Bathroom

This is where we like to add a bit of cheekiness or glamour as we're getting ready, checking ourselves out in the mirror or pretending we're superstars singing in the shower with fluorescent lighting shining in our faces. Here are a few fun ideas to make you want to spend more time in the bathroom.

5. The Bedroom

To me, this is probably the best place to let your imagination run wild with endless neon art possibilities. I mean, if you want something X-rated or censored, that's okay (unless you still live with your parents, and they're allowed to enter your room freely, then you might want to rethink your options). Hang a neon sign up above your bed post and it acts as your room light, night light, reading light, as well as decorative art. Want to keep things simple? Decorate your dresser table with neon lights on stands for Instagram worthy #roomgoals.

6. Home Office

This is probably the most important space for us here at Confetti Dreams. We're a small boutique firm - so having a great and inspirational space where we can get work done is very important to us. And probably the smartest thing to do here, will be to get your logo/business name/studio name/band name etc. made into neon so you can upgrade your study space into a proper home office for your business.

7. Anywhere and Everywhere

We recommend you getting neon signs of all shapes and sizes to place anywhere and everywhere in your home. There's no such thing as too much neon or too much lighting. Neon Signs are more than just advertising and lighting. Here at Confetti Dreams we want to promote and inspire people to live a neon-inspired lifestyle. This means incorporating as much neon as possible into all aspects of a person's life. Let us know if you have any cool ideas you'd like for your home and we'll love to help you realise them in the form of neon. Or you can keep things simple and visit our website to check out our neon range.

All our inspo are found via the wonder place called the internet. Some are ours, some are not.

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