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[New Trend] Neon Signs at Weddings

A definite up and coming trend in the wedding-sphere is incorporating neon signs at weddings. Not only do neon signs look great - but they serve a great number of purpose from a welcome sign, to a cake topper, to photo booth backdrops. Here we give you several ideas on how you can incorporate neon signs in your own wedding.

1. Wedding And Photo Backdrop

Sometimes a simple sign - either with your wedding hashtag, a quote, meaningful phrase or bible verse is all the backdrop decor you need. It easily dresses up any plain wall - fast.

2. Bar Signage

Make a fun bar sign that people actually want to read. It easily makes any bar pop and stand out - and you can do it for whatever bar you're having at your event: dessert bar, cocktail bar, confetti bar, cheese bar, beer bar, donut bar, bouquet bar....

3. Couple Signage

Make a statement by getting your names made into neon. The best part is - it can go straight into your home afterwards as part of your home decor.

4. Dance Floor Decor

Give your party the retro vibe by placing neon signs instead of any other form of lighting, chandelier, disco ball etc. It makes for great photos as well!

5. Wedding Decoration and Styling

Get a decorative neon art piece and place it any where at your wedding. Anything you want at a wedding - you can make a neon version of it! Best thing is - get it made with LED flexi neon, and it becomes a great photo prop as well as a great lighting feature in your new home.

6. Wedding Shoot Prop & Styling

Neon signs are great for engagement and wedding photoshoots! Make your wedding photos stand out and look different by renting or making a neon sign for your shoot - use it again at your wedding or place it in the home.